3D Diver training exhibit
VWBPe (virtual worlds best practice in education)

3D Diver Training delivered a spotlight presentation at the 2021 Virtual World's Best Practice in Education conference in Second Life. You can visit an exhibit where you use the EANx Simulation Training Tools including the oxygen analyser and the mixed gas dive computer simulator.

It's a great way to see what 3D Diver Training is doing with diver training in Second Life.

Missed the presentation? Watch the live stream on YouTube.

Live Stream on youtube
Presentation Details and Location
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the dive shop in second life featured

Linden labs tells the Dive shop story live on youtube
LabGab Image

The world famous Strawberry Linden interviewed Cilian of The Dive Shop in Second Life late last year. The 50 plus minute piece was streamed live on YouTube as an episode of Linden Labs' weekly series LabGab. After Cilian explained the serious nature of The Dive Shop's business (training real life scuba divers) in the shade of a handy palapa, Strawberry and Cilian made a couple of dives on the nearby coral reefs. The submarine ride to 80 metres was a highlight. If you can stand to watch the entire 50 minutes, email me and I'll arrange free membership in The Dive Shop group, which will get you 50 percent off the price of some spiffy new virtual scuba gear.

Here's the full show on YouTube